Facilities, video, sampling map

Our Ultrafiltration system

In November 2019, thanks to the Short Term Mobility of the CNR, Daniel Repeta (WHOI, US) visited our laboratories, helping us to build the first Ultrafiltration system in Italy. This device allows to concentrate the DOM greater than 1 KDa.

The marine biophysics laboratory in Camogli

Strongly interdisciplinary laboratory suitable for the development of new technologies for the sea, it boasts a direct intake of sea water giving the possibility of continuous experiments and measurements. The laboratory is an excellent basis for scientific outreach.

The life on board an oceanographic ship: a documentary by Lorenzo Cioffi

The work of oceanographers aboard the italian research vessel “Urania” (CNR) in the western Mediterranean. The challenges of scientific research told through the life on board, the goals and the unexpected events of the expedition.