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Research activity

From the deepest waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the peaks of the Graian Alps

Simona Retelletti, 23rd July 2021

Oceanographic cruises

Two Italians and two French in a Dutch ship kitchen

Simona Retelletti, 4th June 2021

Oceanographic cruises

PERLE4 – The redemption during the COVID-19 pandemic

Nunzia Antonicelli, 13th May 2021

Research activity

Snapshot 4…with bad weather and Santas

Simona Retelletti, 18th April 2021

Oceanographic cruises

Oceanographic cruise PERLE 3: preparation, Covid-19 pandemic and cancellation

Giancarlo Bachi, 28th July 2020

Oceanographic cruises

From Crete to Gibraltar, one month on board of the R/V Maria S. Merian

Giancarlo Bachi, 18th June 2020


SENSOR: a drinking water sampling day

Simona Retelletti, 13th March 2020