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Schroeder K., Borghini M., Cerrati M., Difesa V., Del fanti R., Santinelli C., Gasparini G.P.

Multiparametric mixing analysis of the deep waters in the Western Mediterranean Sea

Chemistry and Ecology - Volume 24(S1), 2008

La Ferla R., Azzaro F., Azzaro M., Caruso G., Decembrini F., Leonardi M., Maimone G., Ponticelli L.S., Raffa F., Santinelli C., Zaccone R., Ribera d’Alcalà M.

Microbial contribution to carbon biogeochemistry in the Mediterranean Sea: variability of activities and biomass

Journal of Marine Systems - Volume 57(1-2), August 2005

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We have collaborators and friends all over the world

Thanks to the University of Miami’s Mary Roche Fellowship, I worked with La!DOM in 2016, analyzing seawater samples from the Black Sea. Working with Chiara Santinelli and La!DOM was a highlight from graduate school. Not only was my experience in the lab great, they were gracious in sharing Italian culture and made Pisa feel like a home away from home. I look forward to returning the next chance I get!

Andrew Margolin, Postdoctoral researcher at the University of British Columbia

La collaborazione con Chiara Santinelli e La!DOM è stata una piacevolissima sorpresa. Abbiamo lavorato in armonia e perfetta condivisione. Insieme abbiamo creato un precedente su come far rendere al massimo il lavoro tra un ente di ricerca ed una azienda, raggiungendo lo scopo di produrre uno strumento di analisi efficace.

Daniel Desideri, Amministratore DIELECTRIK S.r.l.

I started interacting with Chiara Santinelli since she was an undergraduate student, when she was a bit shy but already iperactive. Later, she helped me to appreciate to multifaceted role of DOM, which I had only considered for the intriguing polysaccharide exudation by phytoplankton. Since then we have been collaborating in several projects, sharing ideas, gossiping about people, and enjoying our friendship. Besides being a brilliant and very dynamic scientist, Chiara is an ideal mentor for any curious and enthusiastic student.

Maurizio Ribera d'Alcalà, Director of Research, Stazione Zoologica di Napoli